History of My Free Telecom

My Free Telecom was established in 1999. For almost 10 years, My Free Telecom was available for free to all callers. It was paid by advertising sponsors and we only asked you to listen to their one short ad before connecting your call. We hope you enjoyed our service over the past years and it did save you a lot on your long distance calls. We created a My Free Telecom community of callers and we hope you were proudly part of it.

The service has changed in April 2009. We removed the ads. Calls are connected much faster, and you can still call the same locations as before within the Greater Toronto Area. But since there is no more advertising sponsors, My Free Telecom is now available only on a subscription basis. You need to register your phone line with us before you can make your calls. We include a two-way calling feature with all subscriptions.


These are some of the comments we received from our callers when My Free Telecom service was available for free and paid by advertising sponsors.

Wow !! what a service.
Your service area is amazing to say the least.

Debi O'Neill, Bolton, ON

Your service is fabulous, and I've told many, many people about it. I use it at my office in Thornhill quite frequently. ...Thank you for your innovativness.

No name included

...Yes, I'm going to use your system. Actually I gave your service phone number to all my coworkers. Have a good New Year.

Weis Wudarzewski

I very much appreciate your service for free telephone calls. Thank you.

Shirly Peacock, Brampton, ON

Hello. I'd like to thank you for the free long distance calls. Thanks.

Cesar Bravo

Your service is great!  We use it all the time for business and personal calls within the GTA. We look forward to your expansion into other areas.

Jay Purchase, Palgrave, ON

I work in Mississauga& one of my friends works in Markham. He is unable to make long distance calls from work. Thanks to you, he can now contact me.

Renier Dalton, Burlington, ON

Love the Service. This is a great idea. Thank you.

V. Bulger

Thanks to your service I can speak to my love in Brampton without feeling rushed.

Name Protected, Oakville, ON

Mind you the service is free and I tell you it is absolutely one of the best services I've used ever.

Nick Tavares
Customer Service Representative at Home and Rural Appliances Head Office
Brampton, ON

I used to live in Markham and used My Free Telecom quite a bit. Thanks for a great service.

Erin Fleming, Markham, ON

I have just been told about your service by a co-worker. Great concept.

Steve Anker, Richmond Hill, ON

I really enjoy your service.

Brandon Frimet

I have been using your service from my Dental Office in Brampton, and am now considering seriously the possibility of becoming a sponsor.

Mel Perlmutter, B.Sc., D.D.S., F.A.G.D.
Bramalea Dentistry, Brampton, ON

An associate I work with just recently brought your web site to my attention. I have yet to use your service, but look quite forward to it.

Heather Pearson

I am a Sales Representative with Royal LePage, practicing in the Milton area. I have been using your free long distance service myself for some time, and am happy with it.

Alan McDonald, Sales Representative
Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd, Milton, ON

This truely is a wonderful service. Being a film student that lives in Oakville, some of my cast and crew live just on the other side of Toronto. The My Free Telecom phone number is on all the call sheets everyday to keep cost down for my production. Thank you again!

J.L., Oakville, Ontario

I don't know how you provide this service, but it truly is amazing. I've passed this number on to as many friends as I know so they can experience this wonderful service. Thanks allot! Keep up the great service.

Mike McFarlane, Oakville, Ontario

Greate service.

Mark Studholme