My Free Telecom is a flat rate, unlimited long distance service within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Whether you need to call your family, friends or clients, with My Free Telecom you can call them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and you can talk to them as long as you wish. All of this for only $2.95 flat rate per 30 days of service!

  • Call your family and friends!
  • Receive calls from your family and friends!
  • Call home from work or other places!
  • Unlimited calling!
  • 24 hours a day access!
  • No advertisements, fast connections!
  • Start saving on your long distance calls today!


The subscription fee of $2.95 per 30 days of service translates to less than 10 cents per day! That's only 10 cents per day, you can make and receive the calls, and talk as long as you want to. Compare it to the regular long distance rates per minute, and you will see how much you are saving using our service!

Service locations

Using My Free Telecom you can call to, or receive calls from, any location within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). The service area includes the following locations:

Ajax Claremont Milton Snelgrove
Aurora Clarkson Mississauga South Pickering
Beeton Cooksville Nobleton Stouffville
Bethesda Georgetown Oak Ridges Streetsville
Bolton Gormley Oakville Thornhill
Brampton King City Palgrave Tottenham
Caledon Kleinburg Pickering Unionville
Caledon East Malton Port Credit Uxbridge
Campbellville Maple Richmond Hill Victoria
Castlemor Markham Shomberg Woodbridge

In order to use our service, you also need to be located within any of the above locations. Calls to and from Toronto are already local calls, and don't require to use our service.

History of My Free Telecom

My Free Telecom was available for free to all callers in the past, and paid by the advertising sponsors. Please read the history of My Free Telecom (click here).

Two-way calling

With My Free Telecom service, not only you can make calls, but anybody else can call you back without even being our subscriber. This is called two-way calling or a callback feature. This feature is included with all subscriptions. Using two-way calling, your friends or family can call you for free, or you can call home from any location, like your work or a friend's place.

How it works

You need to call our access number: 416-255-5800 every time you want to use My Free Telecom service. You will be prompted for a phone number you wish to call. There is no advertisements played, and you will be connected right away. This is similar to using a calling card, except there is no need to enter a card number and a pin number. You will never be charged by your regular long distance company for calls placed using My Free Telecom service.


My Free Telecom is available only on a subscription basis. You need to register your phone line with us, in order to use our service. You can subscribe to any period from 30 to 360 service days.

You can subscribe to My Free Telecom instantly over the phone if you use a Visa or MasterCard. You can also mail a cheque, make a payment at any major Canadian bank, or use your Internet or telephone banking. When sending a payment, please make sure to include your phone number you want to register.

When your subscription is close to its expiry date, we will notify you when you make your next call. When your subscription is expired, you will not be able to make or receive any calls any more, until you send your next payment.

How to subscribe

In order to subscribe to My Free Telecom, please determine the total subscription fee (including taxes) based on the desired number of service days, and print the bill from our Web site (click here). Then, please choose one of the payment options and send a payment to us (click here). You can also sign-up for pre-authorized monthly or quarterly payments (click here).


My Free Telecom is registered with Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), and this service fully complies with all CRTC regulations. As we need to see the phone number you are calling from, you cannot use a call privacy feature when making calls with us.

Touch tone phone is required to use My Free Telecom service. My Free Telecom can be used for private and business calling, but not for telemarketing.